The following is a guide to help our guests know in advance of upcoming dates that the course may be closed for events.  This list is subject to change.  The most accurate information can be gathered by calling the golf shop directly at 763-494-8844.

9th - Closed All Day
15th - Closed All Day
17th - Closed All Day
19th - Closed All Day (State Open)
20th - Closed All Day (State Open)
21st - Closed All Day (State Open)
29th - Closed After 8:30am

6th - Closed after 8:30am
8th - Closed until 1:30pm
12th - Closed until 1:30pm
13th - Closed after 8:30am
20th - Closed after 8:30am
22nd - Closed after 7:30am
26th - Closed after 8:30am

4th - Closed after 8:30am
7th - Closed after 9:00am
9th - Closed until 4:00pm
10th - Closed All Day
14th - Closed after 9:00am
28th - Closed (Club Championship)
29th - Closed (Club Championship)
30th - Closed All Day

14th - Closed All Day